North Atlantic Championship

The year I decided to use the Renesub Spearguns exclusively, I won the North Atlantic Championships. To win the Championship and earn the very pompus title of North Atlantic Champion, well it sounds grandiose, you have to accumulate the most points during the Open Competitions of the North Atlantic States that have a counsel. In 2009 and 2010, I had to compete in the New York Open, Massachusetts Open and the Rhode Island Open. I won both years. In 2011 I was busy kayaking from Miami to Montreal ( It took 114 days.

I think the gun with its extra range enabled me to score some very decisive points.

Winning the trophy in 2009, you can see my name on the trophy since I had won it in 2003.

This is me winning the first competition of 2009 and realizing what an advantage I had.


Stripe Bass taken with 90 cm

The 90 cm Renesub Speargun on this picture was the inspiration for my entire production. The mechanism had been hacked with a metal saw and a file. Everything about that gun was new. I won two North Atlantic Titles using mostly that gun. The decision to use only my spearguns to compete turned out to be a very good idea.

Mechanism and new casette

I designed a Delrin cassette for use with my mechanism. I normally install the mechanism directly into the wood stock but I wanted to have a cassette option in case I wanted to mass produce a new speargun model. It’s still entirely silent since the sheer swings without hitting the top of the cassette.

Owners’ images

I would really appreciate to get some pictures and videos of the renesub spearguns being used all around the world.


Redbeast with a 75 cm Renesub.

Guy from Gatineau got two 80s.

Lionel now in Boston, with a 130 cm with tree bands. Not a standard item. I kept one for myself.

Fish taken with a 110 cm Renesub. The perpetrator shall remain anonymous. Those fish taste bad and are likely to make you sick.