tbar speargun shooting a shark

So the tbargun or tbar speargun has a dedicated French name now, it’s the barrebalète! It was chosen by the member of the chassesousmarine.com forum.

In this video, you see a weighted down verson of the tbargun. I put one kilogram of led in the stock. It makes is perfectly neutral and helps reduce the recoil from the 3 kg metal bar!

Here I shoot a small edible shark. You can see how it simply obliterates it. It’s not a gun you’d call practical but it sure does kill whatever you put in front of it!

2 thoughts on “tbar speargun shooting a shark

  1. Im really interested in the tbarspeargun. Do you have any for sale or plans that show how you made the trigger mech?

    • Hello Tyler, I’d be more than willing to make one for you. The mechanism uses the sames parts as all my other renesub spearguns. Only the cassette changes (actually, this one has one and my other guns don’t have cassettes, but you understand).

      The gun is heavy and may be difficult to ship. Where do you live?

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